There are a variety of reasons why people are seeking in-home care, and not all of them involve a serious illness or injury. Actually, many of them merely require occasional assistance with basic activities of daily living. That is the charm of home care services in Fort Myers, Florida: they can be molded to fit the requirements of the people asking for aid.

Protection, security, and more freedom are all aspects of life that can be greatly acquired from home care services.

In addition to reducing the need for hospitalization, receiving care for an accident or illness at home can speed up the healing process and return the patient to their daily routine.

Below are the most common services a home care agency typically offers.

  • Aided Transport Service
    Typical home care packages include transportation to doctors, therapy appointments, and even recreational activities. Some businesses provide senior concierge services to make attending an event or traveling long distances to see family easier for the senior.

  • Service of Companionship and Belonging
    Those who are lonely or who must spend extended periods of time at home alone can benefit greatly from companionship services that go with live-in care, which offer both a sense of belongingness and supervision. They may also help out around the house by preparing simple meals and keeping the household in good condition.

Your loved one can always attain respite care in Florida for the assistance they need in obtaining the requested and necessary care. Our goal at Nurizon at Home is to provide services that improve the quality of life while preserving one’s independence and dignity.