Dementia is a difficult condition to deal with as it diminishes the person’s ability to communicate. As the disease progresses, certain brain functions deteriorate. The person may lose their language skills, train of thought, problem-solving skills, and visual perception. When this happens, the individual may require the assistance of a Certified Dementia Care Specialist to help them with daily tasks, even the simple ones.

Maintaining personal relationships with dementia helps delay its progress and minimize the symptoms. To strengthen bonds, communication is essential. As a Home Care Agency, we strive to help optimize communication between patients, families, and professionals.

Take these tips from our care experts to ensure successful communication:

  • Speak clearly in a modulated voice. It would be better to use short sentences when speaking with dementia patients in need of Home Care Services in Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Make eye contact when communicating to show that you’re interested in what they’re saying.
  • Be patient. Let the person take their time in expressing their thoughts, emotions, and Live-in Care needs instead of interrupting them.
  • Communicate with visual cues. Partner your friendly tone with gestures and facial expressions to encourage participation.
  • Provide them opportunities to clarify themselves when you don’t understand or agree with what they’re saying. Avoid criticizing, correcting, or arguing with them.

Remember that an individual’s ability to communicate depends on the development of their condition. At some point, seniors may benefit from a provider of Respite Care in Florida in sustaining and nurturing their connections.

Our Private-duty Home Care and dementia care services at Nurizon At Home are designed to support seniors and their families in dealing with the symptoms of their condition as healthily as possible. We have well-trained professionals to aid your loved ones in their dementia journey.