According to studies, loneliness and social isolation are linked to serious health conditions like dementia- and may even be on par with the risk level brought by smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity. Loneliness among older adults can come in different forms; it may be the lack of companionship or the inability to form connections.

As a Home Care Agency that looks into serving our patients’ best interests, we do our best to ensure that our patients are both healthy and happy. Here are things we encourage and assist them with:

  • Set Time for Your Family, Friends, and Companions
    While it’s true that leaving home tends to be more difficult during a person’s senior years due to health restrictions, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely hopeless for them to maintain their relationship with friends, family, and companions. Our Home Care Services in Fort Myers, Florida offer assistance when it comes to contacting loved ones and arranging visitations. There is also the option of using technology,it’s a common scene to see senior patients who get Medication Reminders from family members over video calls.
  • Exploring New Interests
    Families and friends are not always available- and even if they are, a person must not rely his happiness on other people. We guide elderly patients in reconnecting with their old passions and introducing them to new techniques like senior artists who are now learning to upload their artworks on social media. Here at Nurizon At Home, we take pride in our patients who heal and move forward to embrace the possibilities that are in store for them.
  • Sign Them up for Community Engagement
    Part of our Live-in Care program is prioritizing our patient’s mental health by boosting how they feel about themselves. Oftentimes, whenever an elderly feel that they are needed, they feel their value increase.

The more involved your loved one is in the community, the higher the chances are that they will be feeling less lonely. They can participate in feeding programs, create toys for children and dog shelters, or make gifts for friends.

Our Respite Care in Florida creates a relaxing environment for elders who seek emotional support, comfort, and security while also wanting to have the freedom to decide.