With our years of experience as providers of private-duty home care, we can say that oral hygiene and dental health are treated with lesser importance than mental, emotional, and physical health.

As a home care agency, we partner with different medical professionals emphasizing regular dental check-ups, especially for seniors. Here’s why:

  • Research shows that plaque build-up or gum-infecting bacteria can cause gingivitis and periodontitis that could travel down your loved one’s arteries, clog them, and make them susceptible to heart conditions. Similarly, bacteria can travel to the lungs and cause lung disease.
  • Gum disease reduces the body’s normal insulin production, further complicating the situation of seniors with diabetes.
  • Lifetime consumption of acids from food and beverages can expose the roots of the teeth. It’s a serious dental problem because the roots don’t have enamel, making your loved ones prone to tooth decay.
  • Inflammation of the gum tissues under the dentures, sometimes called stomatitis, can be extremely painful, and this is due to loose dentures, poor oral hygiene, and fungi in your loved one’s mouth.

It seems like the root cause of these problems is simple yet can be physically invasive and a confidence crusher. Hence, Nurizon At Home, your provider of home care services in Fort Myers, Florida, pays attention to your dental health.

We ensure that dental hygiene support is accessible to your senior loved ones to give them healthier teeth and brighter smiles!

We also offer other home care services like respite care in Florida. Send us a message to get started!