Dementia is a general term used to describe various neurological conditions that affect the brain. One of its risk factors is age. It is why most individuals affected by this condition are older adults. Some may need live-in care; because those who have dementia lose their ability to think, remember, and communicate properly which affects their activities of daily living.

Providers of home care services in Fort Myers, Florida, attend to people with dementia. It can be overwhelming if you are not trained by a home care agency. Below are tips you can follow to ensure their safety:

  • They have problems with balance and movement. Keep wires that cause fall into safety latches. Wipe spilled beverages and kitchen stains on the floor.
  • As they take a shower, accompany them. If they cannot do it alone, assist them with their permission.
  • Because they may act impulsively, remove or lock up cleaning and other household products that may poise hazards when it reaches their hand.
  • If you have stairs, make sure there is a handrail. Keep all areas of your home well-lit.
    Since they may get confused, choose rugs and curtains with a simple pattern.

Some people with dementia get affected emotionally. Their personality change – sometimes, they cannot control their emotions and behaviors. When this is the case for your loved one, a certified dementia care specialist is the best fit for them. Nurizon At Home has experts that can help them. If you need one, contact us. We provide respite care in Florida, too, so you can take a break from care.