One of the common concerns for seniors receiving Home Care Services in Fort Myers, Florida is medication management. Seniors who have multiple health issues often have trouble complying with their physician’s instructions and advice. This increases the senior’s risk for several health complications. To avoid this, they seek the assistance of a caring expert to ensure their health at all times.

Solely providing Medication Reminders may not be enough to promote medication adherence. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Provide access to health information

    Health literacy is crucial in helping seniors understand the role their medications play in sustaining and improving their health conditions. Seniors can gather information from their physicians, pharmacists, and care providers. Caregivers at our Home Care Agency are trained to impart ample information to minimize potential barriers to non-adherence.

  • Reduce the number of medications

    The more medications seniors have to manage, the more confusing their treatment gets, and the more likely they are to commit medication errors. If most seniors have difficulty managing multiple medications, and more so, seniors with dementia. Seniors, with the support of a Certified Dementia Care Specialist, need to review their medication regimen and inspect possibilities of reducing polypharmacy.

  • Utilize tools and technology to manage medications

    There are various tools designed to help patients manage their medications, such as pill containers, medication charts, and mobile applications. Additionally, with a more simplified medication regimen, it will be easier for seniors in need of Respite Care in Florida to find and utilize resources to provide minimal assistance in ensuring medication adherence.

It’s important to note that a senior’s willingness to comply with their treatments greatly contributes to medication adherence. Luckily, our care providers at Nurizon At Home have motivating traits to spark your senior’s interest in wellness.