When it’s time for an elderly loved one to receive live-in care for the first time, they may feel nervous or overwhelmed. After all, changes in one’s daily routine and care can be challenging especially for seniors. To help, we’ve prepared a few tips that can help ease the transition to home care:

  • Start Small

    Unless your loved one needs more assistance, consider making a more gradual change. This could mean arranging short-term care or respite care in Florida on an hourly basis. This will give your loved one time to adjust to receiving care from someone that’s not a family member. The experience can also help you make appropriate changes to his or her care plan.

  • Arrange an Initial Meeting

    A home care agency may be able to arrange an initial meeting with the caregiver and your family. This provides a valuable opportunity to meet the caregiver face-to-face and to see if he or she is a good fit for your loved one. This allows the senior to get to know the caregiver better and vice versa.

  • Increase Involvement

    During the planning process, be sure to involve your loved one as much as possible. This includes what kinds of services they need and taking into account their preferences and routines. This will help them feel more independent and in control regarding their care. This is also a good time to discuss their needs and the benefits of receiving care.

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