A well-balanced diet paired with a sedentary lifestyle will only make it hard for seniors to achieve their overall health. Nutritious meals should always be paired with exercise. Our seniors don’t have to go through so much and take so much of their time to be active. There are easy exercises that seniors can do at home to make them healthy.

As a trusted provider of Home Care Services in Fort Myers, Florida, we make it a point to encourage and assist your elderly loved ones in doing simple exercises daily. In providing Private-duty Home Care, we introduce simple exercises to them slowly and monitor their physical progress. It’s always a challenge in the beginning, but the important thing is that they get to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Your elderly loved ones can start with these exercises:

  • Nature Walks

    Daily walks are highly suggested for seniors as it allows them to gauge and improve their balance, strengthen their muscles, get their daily dose of vitamin D from the sun, and enjoy the beauty of nature. They can enjoy taking their morning or afternoon walks with their loved ones or a professional providing Respite Care in Florida.

  • Water Aerobics

    Water aerobics and swimming are known to help seniors with their strength, balance, and flexibility. They can start with aqua jogging, flutter kicking, and arm curls to help them get used to exercising underwater. Veterans with Veteran Benefit Services can also enjoy these types of exercises.

A Certified ACE Personal Trainer can help your loved ones get started, plan their own exercise routines, and get used to exercising. Nurizon At Home, a reliable Home Care Agency in Florida, is determined to assist your loved ones in their healthy lifestyle journey. Partner with us today.