Seniors are more likely to suffer injuries from falls, which can often result in major health issues. One in four older adults in the U.S. experience falls each year. Falls are also the main reason for injury-related hospital admissions for many older persons. However, seniors can take several steps to lessen their risk of falling:

  • Stay active
    Regular exercise enhances posture, flexibility, and strength. As their balance and coordination improve, senior individuals are less likely to fall.
  • Get assistance in the kitchen
    An excellent way to keep your elderly relative safe is to delegate kitchen tasks to someone else. Have someone available to assist with meal preparation and dishwashing.

    You can also look for a private-duty home care provider to help your senior loved ones with kitchen chores and other daily tasks.
  • Avoid low chairs, sofas, and beds
    When sitting in a low chair or sofa, it’s easy to slide down into a position that makes standing up difficult. This can result in falls and injuries such as sprains or breaks in the lower extremity (legs).
  • Side effects of medications
    Look into the adverse effects of the medication you are taking. Some of its side effects make you feel drowsy or lightheaded, which increases your risk of falling. If necessary, seek medical advice.

This scenario demonstrates that falls can occur in their home environment. Our respite care in Florida is available to ensure the safety of seniors’ living spaces.

Our in-home caregivers at home care services in Fort Myers, Florida can protect your loved ones from fall-related injuries.

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